# Class definition
class Animal(object):
    """Makes cute animals."""
    # For initializing our instance objects
    def __init__(self, name, age):
        self.name = name
        self.age = age
        self.is_hungry = is_hungry
# Note that self is only used in the __init__()
# function definition; we don't need to pass it
# to our instance objects.

zebra = Animal("Jeffrey", 2, True)
giraffe = Animal("Bruce", 1, False)
panda = Animal("Chad", 7, True)

print zebra.name, zebra.age, zebra.is_hungry
print giraffe.name, giraffe.age, giraffe.is_hungry
print panda.name, panda.age, panda.is_hungry

This is the code I have in the editor, I keep getting the error message saying that on line 13 (The line with the 'zebra' info) there are four arguments when there are only three.


Check your parameters, the parameter for if hungry is missing.
Your body has the correct objects so you'll need to just make sure you're calling the necessary objects (3 arguments instead of 4)


Thanks for the help! I wouldn't have been able to get it myself.