so the hints aren't helping at all please help this is my code whats wrong?
var orangeCost = function (cost) {
console.log("The cost of oranges is," + "" + cost);


Hey @glamro,

First of all, multiplyby5 isn't a function. :smiley:

So this wouldn't work:

In orangeCost, you're supposed to put a number, any number.

In the console.log, you're also supposed to say that you're supposed to multiply cost by 5, so something like this:

console.log(cost * 5);

Hope you get it!:smiley:


var orangeCost = function(quantity) {
console.log(quantity * 5);

console.log (orangeCost(3.9));

(I know it's not the 'quantity'...just couldn't think of names) :smile:

Why do I get an "undefined" error? I read something about parse-time vs run-time functions/variables.