6/13 shell prompt i don't know what i am doing wrong

it says type command after shell prompt

Forget my last answer, I found the exercise and saw what it wanted.

On the third step then you wrote cat > islands.txt, the exercise is simply asking you to output the contents of islands.txt using cat. To fix this then just take out the > sign.

What I usually like to do is mess around with exercises after I’ve completed them so that I get a better feel for the code, which is what you can do too :slight_smile: Hope this helped.

By using
cat volcanos.txt | wc
you got an [output] to your screen
17 26 204
and as you want to redirect the [output] into a file
you would use
cat volcanos.txt | wc > islands.txt

The answer is
$ cat islands.txt | wc
Took me forever to figure it out.

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