6/13 Error, there was a problem with your syntax HELP


orangeCost(* 5)
console.log(orangeCost * 5)

dont know what to do!


i dont understand what is your problem, what is orangeCost(*5) ?

Maybe you should read again ex 3 / 13


You have to use a function in this one. How? Well, we know we have to make a variable called orangeCost... and make a function with it! So now you know that you need to make a function with orangeCost. Also, if you have clicked the hint, it says to put a parameter of prices. Put prices as the parameter. The function should print out the value of prices * 5, so you use console.log in your function. Also, on the last direction, you're supposed to say that oranges cost 5 dollars. So, you calculate it. This is what it should look like:

var ________ = function(_____){
_________ ( ___ )