6/12 List 'em all! (Need a little help)


Hi, here is my code:

var myArray = ["Adress 1", "Adress 2"];
var friends = new Object();
friends.bill = {
    firstName: "Bill",
    lastName: "Bill 2",
    number: "135-342-34-03",
    address: myArray[0]

friends.steve = {
    firstName: "Steve",
    lastName: "Steve 2",
    number: "253-536-35-23",
    address: myArray[1]

var list = function(friends) {
    for (var firstName in friends) {

It prints:
{"firstName":"Steve","lastName":"Steve 2","number":"253-536-35-23","address":"Adress 2"}

How can i print only:

Thanks in advance



You should read the instruction's once more.....

If you get unexpected output
please read
= http://discuss.codecademy.com/t/6-8-a-question-of-why-i-get-the-result-i-get/10666/10?u=leonhard_wettengmx_n
to get an idear...


T h e - B a s i c s

An object has one or more properties seperated by a comma-,
Each property consists of a property-key and it's associated VALUE

var nyc = {
       fullName: "New York City",
       mayor: "Bill de Blasio",
       population: 8000000,
       boroughs: 5
nyc -object- S p e c i f i e d

The nyc object has 4 properties seperated by a comma-,
- a fullName property with property-key fullName and it's associated string value of "New York City"
- a mayor property with property-key mayor and it's associated string value of "Bill de Blasio"
- a population property with property-key population and it's associated number value 8000000
- a boroughs property with property-key boroughs and it's associated number value 5

for - in - loop - e x p l a i n e d

With the for-in-loop you have a Method
which will iterate over all properties of a given object.
At each iteration it will assign the property-key as a string
to a variable name of your choice.
Thus for (var x in nyc)
will lead to 4 iteration's
iteration-1 var x = "fullName";
iteration-2 var x = "mayor";
iteration-3 var x = "population";
iteration-4 var x = "boroughs";
As they want you to display the property-key and NOT it's associated VALUE
you would use
console.log( x );

If they wanted you to display the associated VALUE of the propery-key you would use
console.log( nyc[x] );


the FUNCTION talk

var myFunc = function( param1, param2) {
       //Begin of  anonymous FUNCTION-BODY
       //VARIABLE -myFunc- has an -anonymous function- assigned
       //this -anonymous function- has 2 PARAMETERS param1 and param2
       //param1 and param2 PARAMETERS are used 
       //as -local- VARIABLES throughout the FUNCTION-BODY

      console.log( param1 + " and " + param2 ) ;

      //End of anonymous FUNCTION-BODY

If you want to call/execute the anonymous function
you will have to add a pair of parentheses to the variable myFunc
As the anonymous function was defined
as having 2 parameters
you have to provide 2 arguments
in our case 2 string VALUES "Alena" and "Lauren"

some quotes from the outer-world:

**argument is the value/variable/reference being passed in,
parameter is the receiving variable used within the function/block**


**"parameters" are called "formal parameters",
while "arguments" are called "actual parameters".**