6/11 -- there's a syntax mistake somewhere, but I can't find it


It's probably something really stupid like a semicolon, but I've been looking at this for awhile now and can't find it, so:

var shoop = true
var soloLoop = function(){
while(shoop == true){
console.log("Looped once!);
shoop = false;

Thanks in advance for this.

On a side note on here, people really need to learn how to title their threads with relevant information instead of 'HELP!!!!!!!', "I don't get it", or "I'm stuck".


Hi @kaychrisa

There are two mistakes :
- Semicolons after true in line 1
- " after once! in line 4

after you'll change that, it'll work.

Hold on :wink:


Thanks! My first language was Python, so I'm having a hard time adjusting to the semicolons. :confused:


I understand :sweat_smile: you will need to train yourself