6/11 Pop Quiz- It returns 'empty' instead of original input



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There was no error message but it returns 'empty" even the input is an alphabetical word.

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It should return the original input if it’s correct. Please help me see what’s wrong with my code.


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if len(empty_string) > 0

why do you use empty_string? The exercise never asks for this variable, and this string is indeed empty, so the length is zero, so the condition if condition evaluates to false


Thanks! so it should work if replace it with if len(original)?


that is the question, i know the answer. But you should be the one answering it. You should be understanding what this change/replacing does and what it means. That is the whole concept of programming, which is why i didn’t just tell you want to do. This way, hopefully you will learn more then if i have just had told you that you had do x.


Nah, I’m having the same problem. It just keeps returning “empty” regardless of the word


your code might have a different issue, but you didn’t provide code, you hijacked a topic which is a violation of the guidelines, you might have a very different issue, if you want help, please provide more info/context and code, so we can actually help you.


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