6/11 part 3 "No response received from web browser"


I copy and pasted the code as given but received the message "No response received from web browser". Any suggestions or similar results for anyone else?


Have you tried refreshing the page ?


I'm got the same problem, tried to refresh, restart and do the exercise on other browser.


please paste in screen shot, your browser, OS and if you are behind firewall, also is this a work, home or school computer ?


Don't just use Copy and Paste. I actually copied it through writing it down like the instructions listed. Helps me remember the structure of an array of properties in coding. I spelled programmed with one m and it did not pass at first. Always review for small errors that occur all the time for me! Good luck everyone.


I had the same issue and it appears that the issue was the indentation. Copy and paste changes the indentation of the original code in the instructions.