6/11 can someone plz just write the code down?


Need really help, its going on my nerv


You will not learn if you do not understand the code, it would be so much better if you would give us the code that you are troubling with and then we guide you. When you finally realize the mistake and you correct it, it's much better feeling than writing off the code from the forum, this is my opinion, maybe someone else will write you the full code.


I will try again, maybe this time works :smile:


Try this it worked for me.

var soloLoop = true
while(soloLoop) {
console.log("Looped once!");
soloLoop = false;


Good Luck!!


It says to code inside the soloLoop... this doesn't seem to me to be the "proper" solution to the problem...
It's much less complicated than I feel they're asking for... Do you have other ideas that would include the soloLoop?
var soloLoop = function(){
*/Your code goes here!



Check the Hint it says

So your loop should do something like this:


var myCondition = true;

while(myCondition) {
console.log("Looped once!");
myCondition = false;

So I followed its format and substituted myCondition for soloLoop.

I had been shocked that it was that simple but it is.


Mine worked also.

for (i = 0; i < 5; i++) {
var understand = true;

while(understand === true){
console.log("I'm learning while loops!");
understand = false;