6/10 CSS Styling


I don't know what i am doing wrong. Please help!


Your shift.css link looks okay, but I like to test links by following them in a browser to make sure they work. Have you done that? If you have, and the shift.css link is good, then we have to look in your CSS file.


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I had the same issue and tested it in a web browser. It worked great.


That is a great way to troubleshoot by narrowing down the problem. Were you able to complete the exercise?


Unfortunately I could not complete the exercise because Codecademy keeps requiring me to 'add the link element for the custom font'. I was 62 % way through. And i can not proceed to other exercises because i keep being redirected to the same (unsolvable) exercise.


Hi @kiuraalex, you've asked this question in two different threads. We should stick to just one.