6/10 CSS selectors


HEY I am Mustafa i am stuck on css class selectors can someone help me with whats wrong with my code


.hero {
  font-family:'Trebuchet MS',Helvetica,sans-serif;

Lesson 6/10 css class selectors

can you tell me what will be the correct code


We are not here to hand out code we are here to help each other, answer questions, explain make you be able to solve the problem.

Me or Anyone handing out code is useless as it won't teach you anything


but i am unable to find whats wrong with my code and i have not particularly understood what do you all mean when you say that your code should be in main.css


Your CSS code should be in the tab main.css

In the lesson above the code you will see index.html and then you will see main.css click on main.css


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