[#509] (not just) Sass -- Can Codecademy give only the code for just one instruction instead for whole serie of instrucion

I place this under general topic. I was stuck working on Sass and at a moment the website offers to give the code. I was working on part 1 of 3 or 4 instructions. When I accept the offer to get the code, the website gives the code for all of the instrucions which is not practical. It is in my eyes better to give to code just for the one instruction I am working on.

Can something done about this by Codecademy?


Hi @rrk1000, do you remember which exercise that happened with?

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Hello albionsrefuge,

Thanks for replying.

Yes, it was at Learn Sass part 4/9. I was working on instruction 1 of in total 3 instructions. The Codecademy website gave the code for all 3 instructions when I clicked yes (when I was stuck when doing instruction 1 and the site offer to give the code). So I cannot learn from it this way.

I really think it is better to offer to give the code for 1 instruction at a time.


Thank you for the extra details @rrk1000 . I have submitted a bug report for this. If/when I hear anything back I’ll let you know.

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Dear albionsrefuge,

Thank, I have logged in on the Codecademy website, I see that the answers (code) are still given for all the 3 instructions.

I wait for your answer when you will have more information.


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I love Codeacademy and I’m going through the Ruby on Rails course right now. The problem I have is that when I get stuck, after a few tries I get the option of “Keep coding” or “get code”. If I choose the blue pill (get code), it gives me the code for the rest of the lesson, not just where I’m stuck.

This really stunts my coding growth because if I just get one small boost I could probably do the rest. But if it reveals everything until the end I don’t need to try any more.

Is there a way around this?

Thanks, all

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I recently sent in a bug report for this with regards to the Sass course.

It sounds like the same problem to me so I will move your post over there and add your information as an update to the report that I submitted.

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Thank you for doing that. I really love the lessons and this is the only real critique I have. If they fix it Codeacademy would be ideal for training.

I plan on going through many of the courses anyway, but having this fixed would be helpful.