502 bad gateway

I know this might be the wrong place to post this, but I’m unable to do anything on the forums(even just reading it and while signed in) unless I do a work around that doesn’t last for long. Is the forums going through maintenance or what?

When I click on the Q&A Forum it directs me to a 502 bad gateway?


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This is a codecademy problem, i tried different laptops + browsers, and have the same problem, i am sure they are working on it, sorry for the discomfort

I moved your post to the correct topic

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To the Codecademy team: If you could please work really hard on getting this fixed, I (and I’m sure a lot of other people) would really appreciate it :slight_smile:
Getting errors every time I try to load a page hurts my productivity on here a lot :wink:

I agree. This needs to be fixed.

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“If you feel as if you are completely lost, feel free to check out the
Q&A section for help (the link is on the very bottom left of your

Clicks on Q&A link…

Loading…loading…loading…(goes to restroom and comes back to)…loading…

502 Bad Gateway

Gets frustrated and leaves Codecademy.

We just did some huge updates on the forum so it should be much more consistent now! :slight_smile: Unfortunately, to make it more reliable we had to purposefully break it and make it unreliable for a day or two. :frowning: It should be working 100% now.

Apologies for any inconvenience.

Thank you, and Happy Learning!
-Codecademy Community Manager



Comes back to Codecademy :smiley:


Hi all,

I just started the Python tutorial and every time I try to save and submit, or click on any other link really, I get this bad gateway message. Is this happening for anyone else? Anything to be done about it?


I can see a lot of tweets about this right now. There seems to be a problem on the main site.

Ah ok thanks for the response.

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