#5. Wrap with a DIV....Can Someone Please Help Me


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My code is below. Something is not being done correctly with the last 2 div’s…I’m unsure as to what I am doing wrong.


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<div class="nav"
  • Ramel Carrington
  • Browse
  <li>Sign Up</li>
  <li>Log In</li>
<div class=jumbotron"

Find a place to stay.

Rent from people in over 34,000 cities and 192 countries.

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Remember to close your div tag with a >


thanks for your reply!

I closed the div tag with a >

and unfortunately there is still an error somewhere. I’m still unsure as to where my error lies. I followed all instructions very precisely.



You forgot to close it with a >

Remember to close your div tag like this:

<div> ... </div>


I’m doing exactly as you instructed and the error message that I am receiving


Oops, try again. Wrap the h1 and p elements with <div class"container>…



Can you post your updated code please?




Miniapple8888…you are AWESOME!!!

I figured my error out!

The issue was for both div’s…I needed to place quotation marks around both “jumbtron”> and “container”>

Once I did that…there were no more errors!

Thanks for your help you are GREAT!!!