# 5 . Why isn't my Array exercise working



I am getting a "SyntaxError: Unexpected identifier", to which I'm not sure about.

var friends = {
    bill: {
        firstName: 'Bill',
        lastName: 'Ding',
        number: '1-(800)-POTATOS',
        address: ['Four Euer Ave.','Franklin','DE','80085']
    steve: {
        firstName: 'Steve',
        lastName: 'Vins',
        number: '1-(888)-SLP-CHOP',
        address: ['2 Much-Rocky Rd.','Franklin','DE','80085']  


Missing comma after the first object.


We separate properties of objects using commas. Just like you did in the bill and steve objects, but it also applies to the friends objects. You have to separate bill and steve properties using comma.


Hmm. Strange it let me get that far without it. Thanks for the assist.


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