5. Tossing in an array - problem with syntax?


I'm stuck at the Tossing in an Array exercise. I've triple checked everything, but it keeps saying my syntax is problematic. As far as I can see, all of the curly braces are in their correct positions, I didn't mistakingly put in a period or something, but it simply doesn't work. I could use a second pair of eyes. :slight_smile:

var friends = {
    bill: {
        firstName = "Bill",
        lastName = "Gates",
        number = "444-444-444",
        adress = ["One Microsoft Way", "Redmond", "WA", "98052"]
    steve: {
        firstName = "Steve",
        lastName = "Jobs",
        number = "555-555-555",
        adress = ["One Apple Way", "New York", "NY", "33052"]


Three errors in your code:

  1. You have = you need to use : so: firstName: "Steve",
  2. After closing bill } add a comma so: },
  3. adress is supposed to be address


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