5. Start the Rails server. <--wont let me pass after correctly loading page


Like in the topic, page loads, I can fill the form and click create (with the messages that its still incompete just like the excercise states, that it will be finished later) BUT it wont let me any further
tested on newest:

Internet Explorer 11 <-- in THIS browser after clicking "run" button at earlier stage the button would just keep spinning 0.o
Edge<--passes further than IE but when it comes to 5. Start the Rails server the 2,3,4 stages are still spinning despite being green it wont let me type anything in the adress field as required at stage 5
Edge Vanilla
IE with adblock
Seamonkey, Waterfox, Chrome adblock+ghostery
Windows 10 Pro


please help me and solve problem in ( meet arrays)
how can do solve this problem?


Solved in a newer topic, the cure was starting rails server with "$rails server" command.