5. Setting Up Custom Domain


I've done everything as the video instructions show, but after adding CNAME, going to settings, and scrolling down to the github pages section, there is no such info showing that my page has been published.

I've seen two other posts in this forum with the same issues as me, but the moderators closed the post without any response. Can anybody advise where we are going wrong?

Thanks in advance.


Replace this line with your code.



Have you read


Yes, I've already read both those articles and purchased a domain. Followed every step, it's simply not working.


Then you will have to wor on


Course passed, lesson passed. For anyone who may run into the same issue as I had, I made an error when defining the repo name in step 2, of UNIT 2 - DEPLOY YOUR WEBSITE.

When I named my repository name I used .ca for my domain name extension instead of .io

I assumed because I purchased a .ca, that my domain also needed to be a .ca but was wrong.


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