5. Removing Elements


Why its giving wrong .. Codecademy not pssing me .. :confused: please help



Hi ItsAmartya,

Try removing that opening curly brace ({) (line 2).

If that doesn't work, please post the error message you're getting and a link to the exercise you're on.


It's definitely the open curly brace on line two {. That needs to be removed. Remember that the { }'s are used to hold the body of a function. Your code is already inside of the .ready(function(){


@objectwhiz54515 @zystvan thanks mate .. It worked.. Should I post the corrected code? so any one else could get help.. :cookie: for you..



It's usually discouraged, unless you're posting an explanation with it, but if you feel up for writing an explanation of what your code does, have at it! :slightly_smiling:


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