5. Reading Between the Lines - I think this might be a bug


It tels me to refresh the page because it didn't find the file text.txt. I refresh it but the same problem occurs again.

Here's the lesson:

my_file = open("text.txt" ,"r")

print my_file.readline()
print my_file.readline()
print my_file.readline()


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HI, I'm having the same problem, too.
Entered the same code and getting the same error message.

Hopefully this can be fixed !
Kind Regards,


Same problem here!!!

Whats going wrong here

This worked for me:


Nicely done! This works great and gives more practice writing to files anyway :wink:


Having same problem here. Thought I was seeing things :wink:

Thanks for help!


It was solved. Just add a 4th line in the text.txt file


This works, but you need to make sure you refresh the page first, then add the 4th line then run the code.

Hope they fix this though...


This worked for me:

my_file = open("text.txt" ,"r")

print my_file.readline() * 3


Bug on 5. Reading Between the Lines?

I know this is solved however if you just remove the ! mark of the first line in text.txt it also solves the problem without having to add a line :slight_smile:


thanks That solved the problem.
but did not get how will removing ! solve the problem


I'm having the same problem. Cannot finish the Python course because of this.


editing the file causes it ro be saved which creates the file,

make any small modification then change it back again


Worked for me. Thanks boss!


I do not understand how this was input into the terminal. Is this the only code? A new line? also it ends with an elipses, was there more that got cut off? This section of the course seems very broken


Just simply remove the "!" at the end of the first line of the text.txt file. It will work.


Same here, by just removing the ! the problem was gone


yes worked for me too, reporting this as a bug inside the lesson...


love it! worked for me too. great solution.


Removing the "!" from the first sentence in the text.txt work for me as well. What an exercise in frustration that was!