5. Pull it together


Question: Why is it that they used:

def add(a,b)… and not
def add(n,p)

Very confusing to me.
Thank You!



why would you use the same parameter names again? That can become very confusing. Then it becomes very tricky which variables and values are passed down to other functions

a and b are just local variable within the add function, they get there values from arguments at function call:

# defining function with a and b parameters
def add(a, b):
   return double(a) + triple(b)

# calling function, providing arguments (aka values) for parameters
print add(5, 3)

by this logic, we pass a and b as arguments to n and p parameters. I understand why its confusing, but if you understand how parameters and arguments work, it makes more sense (hopefully)


After I posted this I had just realized what i was asking :joy:. Thanks for the explanation!


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