5.preview your site locally. Nothing show up in the browser


Help! Passed the lesson, but I see "not found" in the browser.

Replace this line with your code.


I'm having this exact same problem.


Hi All, right now I'm also stuck at this very step in the lesson.

I have typed 'jekyll serve' with seemingly positive output 'Server running...', however I cannot see anything in the brower (tried both http://localhost:4000 and

Do not see anything... Is this the expected outcome or something else?

Appreciate some one who can help us. Thanks in advance.


Hi, sorry no help, but another guy with the same problem. Hope, someone knows a solution. I opened another thread on this topic. Thank you for help in advance.


cd personal-website

and then

jekyll serve

Should sort you out.

I do believe there is nothing there yet, advance a few steps and it works out!


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