5. Practic Makes Perfect ........ yeeeeeeh I'm stuck again xD



//Remember to set your condition outside the loop!
var count = 0

var loop = function(){
	while(count < 3) {
		//Your code goes here!
		console.log("I'm looping");
		count = false




Your problem is here. If we look at the hint we can see, "If we create a variable called count and set it to 0 outside the loop (on line 2), then do count++ each time we console.log() inside the loop, we'll be able to track how many loops we've made. If we set the while condition to be count < 3, that should do the trick!" Try using count++ instead of count = false.


Thx man yeh it worked perfectly <3


Good! Glad to have helped and happy coding! :smiley:


sorry it's been a couple of months since I picked up where I left off at on this site still you said count++ instead of false I put that in and see that it repeated the console log count another two times thus repeating it 3 times. Still how exactly does the program know to cancels it out at this point or to exit the loop is it because we have given it a set number to reach another 2 more ? which causes it to end there and exit the loop?


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