5. Parameters and arguments


I am stuck here and this code isn't working;

def cubertino (8)
puts = n ** 8


Error code
Oops, try again. Make sure to call cubertino and pass it the number 8 as an argument.

What is the solution?

Replace this line with your code.



(I am have not done Ruby before) - but doing python, I recognized the wording in the instructions -

If you look at the examples given in this lesson -

If a method takes arguments, we say it accepts or expects those arguments.
We might define a function, square, like so:

def square(n)
puts n ** 2

and call it like this:


The solution would be -

def cubertino(n)
puts n ** 3

Hope that helps.


yes it does and it works. Thanks.


Awesome dude.
Good luck for the next lessons.



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Yes, have done so.
I would be glad to help others later as well.
For now I am a beginner without any programming experience and working on some fingergespitzengefuhl.


Thanks. Try helping others now. With the lessons you do understand. I found that explaining it to others I actually learnt more. Found new challenges as well.
Good luck with the coding.


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