5. Neighborhood Guides: Grid


Hi. What wrong with my code


Neighborhood guides:grid
Neighborhood guides:grid

Your class name has a little typing mistake.


What kind of typing mistake, where?



Next question




Have a look at your <img> tags.

that should solve your problem.


Thank you so much. Will you show me plz

I checked but I didn't find nothing.


you wrote img scr

instead of img src

just a misspell of src

That should work unless there are other problems.


Thank you very much you are veri kind. Were you from?


What is wrong with my code?


Hey @alex_storm

for your images you've put

<img scr

it should be <img src

Just a misspelling of src :smile:

If you change that it should work.


The same problem I don't understand were I have mistaken