5. Movies II - use link_to to add a link to that movie:


To do: 4.
Finally in app/views/movies/index.html.erb below a movie's plot, use link_to to add a link to that movie:

Use "Learn more" for the link text
By giving the show route a name of "movie", Rails automatically creates a helper method named movie_path, so use it to generate a URL to a specific movie's path

Here are my code in the Index.erb:

It looks fine for me but it doesnt work. No Error Message - only red.

Any kind of idea? Server Problem, bugs or only bad code from me :slightly_smiling:



Hi Robin,

There's a known bug out on Codecademy right now which causes stuff like this. The team is working towards fixing it ASAP, so if you wait a little while and come back to the exercise, it should work :slightly_smiling:


Hey. Is this already fixed? :slight_smile:


@sebek32571 To the best of my knowledge, yes. Is it happening to you?


I have the same bug here ..


@objectsurfer70724 Please create a new topic with your code, a link to the exercise you're on, and a screenshot showing the entire screen, and someone will help you over there :slight_smile: