5. Movies II 5/7


I don't get this error, there is no 'name' as far as I can see. It was there the first time I ran the code (I forgot about first_name and last_name), but I changed the code. I logged out and in several times, changed to another browser, but it doesn't help.


Hi @ctammes,

This is a known bug. Please report it to Codecademy using the form beneath the instructions on the left, then run your code until the option to “Get Code” appears.


This is getting embarassing: the "Report a Bug' option doesn't work. I also tried another browser, same result.

Come on guys, make this site working, please. I was even foolish enough to pay for this!



the "Report a Bug' option doesn't work

That form isn't for a conversation, it's just for you to let staff know about issues - don't expect a 2-way conversation there.

If you're a Pro member and having issues, you should contact an advisor or submit a help request through the help desk: https://help.codecademy.com/hc/


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