5.More Fonts


I get the trouble, but i don't understand about my mistake.
Please, help me.


I have the same problem please help?:slight_smile:


Hey Sony (@cssrunner78441) & Adriatikj (@adriatikj)

Playfair Display should be in quotes.

Like so:

font-family: "Playfair Display", serif;


Can anyone explain why "Playfair Display" must be in quotes but no other font-family encountered in the lessons so far? Did multiple people just miss the part in the lesson where it's specified? I assume, because of the space that quotes are required but I don't recall that being mentioned in the lessons.


What I this is that font name that have a space between them meaning two words needs quotes.
I'm not sure if its mentioned in the course or not.

Well I decided to check up on the reason for the quotes, here's an answer on stackoverflow:


Thanks i did it.. <3