5. Math Operators II

Please Help!

Replace this line with your code.

console.log(365 % 27);

//Please add all the code here//

I’m confused. What is the problem?

Let’s say it’s a full moon tonight, and we want to know what the moon will look like one year from today. We know from the moon phase image to the right that the moon circles the Earth every 27 days, so let’s start by dividing 365 by 27.

Remember to put your calculations inside console.log to print them to the screen.

The question is up there?

Ok, so you need to use the / instead of a %.

Modulos divide, but they only print the remainder.

Please give me the whole answer to the lesson!

I gave you the answer. What good would it do if I gave you the answer with
no explaination on why it is wrong?

These courses are meant to teach you. I told you that % is supposed to be a
/. Division versus the modulo operation.

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Stay strong, dont give in.

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