5 Logical operators! my else does not work


Ok! so my if function works perfectly but the ELSE does not work at all! Thank you in advance, this is my code!

var user = prompt("Who do you pefere between", "Perez, Vico and Zach?").toUpperCase();
switch (user) {
    case 'PEREZ':
        var crush = prompt("Confam you make sense", "will you ever date him? Yes or No?").toUpperCase();
        var funny = prompt("Do you think he is funny?", "Yes or No -_- ?").toUpperCase();
        if (crush || funny === "YES") {
            console.log("You try, Perez gets more girls than zack and vico combined");
        } else {
            console.log("Thunder Fire your left Nyash");

    case 'VICO':
        var beard = prompt("Lol do you like guys with beards?").toUpperCase();
        var fine = prompt("Lol! do you really think vico is finer than Perez?").toUpperCase();
        if (beard && fine === "YES") {
            console.log("Don't ever play your self");
        } else {
            console.log("Lol! clap for yourself!");
    case 'ZACH':
        console.log("You Have not learnt from kaylor abi?");
        console.log("Dont give a stupid answer")


It is not clear what you mean by: "but the ELSE does not work at all". However, I think the problem is here:

if (crush || funny === "YES") { // conditional A

should be:

if (crush === "YES" || funny === "YES") {

This is because your conditional A is interpreted as: Either point 1 or 2 is true

  1. crush
  2. funny === "YES"

If crush is a non-empty string, then it will always be true (non-empty strings coerce to true in JS) That's the most probable reason I can see why your else branch doesn't execute.

Similar treatment for if (beard && fine === "YES") {.


oh men! Thanks alot! I really appreciate sir!