5.Jumbotron: Paragraph


I dont understand where the p element should go?


me either. i dont understand why the
.jumbotron p {
color: #fff;
font-size; 20px;
dont wok.


if you figure it out please let me know i am stuck


I am also having this issue.

.jumbotron p {
color: #fff;
font-size: 20px;

I don't see what is wrong here.


To everyone having trouble with this, the error could be elsewhere in your main.css so please post the entire file.


this is it. can you help me? thank you


Can you please help I don't know what I did wrong? :pensive:


@asianwhitenigga, you can see where the problem is near by the colour change on your .jumbotron h1. You are missing a }.


@designrockstar62198, you are missing one semicolon.


yes thank i had not paid attention i'm stupid


It's not that helpful to call yourself stupid when you are learning new things -- try to avoid that and you will enjoy the process much more.


I'm having the same problem


@boardmaster57053, you are going to have to give us a bit more detail than that if you want us to find the missing bracket or whatever. :eyes:


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