5. I'm experiencing exactly the same problem


I'm experiencing exactly the same problem mentioned by byterockstar67624 five months ago. Has anyone else found a solution? I've reported the problem through the bug notification tool.

Any help would be much appreciated - I was making such speedy progress through the lesson!

5. Did you change the h1 color to a hexadecimal value?

I am stuck on the same exercise so you are not alone. I reported it as a bug problem twice. Hopefully they fix this soon. I am also making a lot more progress. So I am excited for more coding instructions! But yes I have tried everything.. I don't think there is a way around it. Its a problem with the interface.


Hey I figured it out. You need to go an restart the session. Once you re do the session make sure on the 4th instruction to do this. serif ; color:#2e69a3 - just make sure you put a number sign before the code and make sure the color code goes after SERIF. But that should help you in getting through the next step.


Thanks Nanzio - This fix worked!

I had to add a semi-colon after the hexadecimal value so that the final code looked like this: serif ; color:#2e69a3;


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