5.git merge

I don’t understand this:
3.Print the commit history.
In the output, notice that the HEAD commit has changed. The commit message now reads:
Add heading and comment to biology quiz

Thank you.

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git log - shows a list of all previous commits


Thank you very much :slight_smile:

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And thanks from me as well :slight_smile:

not working that git

Are you telling us that

    git log

doesn’t work for you?

If so, could you post a screenshot so that we can see what you see?

it says fatal;nota git repository (or any of the parent directories); .git

Are you sure that you are still in the my-quizzes directory?

Type pwd to see what it says.

still not working :innocent:

What did you change?

i didn’t change anything

What did pwd tell you?


That is showing you that you are not in the expected directory. You should be in my-quizzes.

what i should write…?

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From step 1:

i did it , the problem is the next question

git merge origin/master; that is the problem

Step 2 is asking you to merge, like this:

yah but for me is not working