5. git merge prt.3

What do I have to do there? I’m so triggered, jsut not getting the freaking point of it >.<

Print the commit history.

In the output, notice that the HEAD commit has changed. The commit message now reads:

Add heading and comment to biology quiz

It would probably be a good idea to describe what you’re trying to do and what’s stopping you, otherwise there’s no problem that others can help with

YA, I’m stuck on same thing, something is not working, or maybe I’m not getting what I’m supposed to do. Or maybe it’s a trick question (I did the first part of this tutorial a month ago and just now am finishing it so not remembering the past stuff too well!)

I was able to move forward by typing
git log
I think that’s what they wanted you to do in step 3 where they say Print the commit history.

Yes, it was like that :smiley:
I did too many hours in a row and I literally killed my brainfunctions for the rest of the day, I guess… I couldnt even figured that out, but thanks for the help anyway, although I write it too late. :smile:

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