#5 git merge part 2


Git Teamwork. Git Merge #5 2nd part.

I have gone through the git --help and through the whole forum all solutions given have not worked in getting past the second part. It would seem a simple git merge origin/master would do, but it doesn't work. I have tried multiple times the last couple days restarted the exercise with no avail. Spelling is good too, but no such luck. Solutions?


long-standing bug, you need to repeat the fetch


I'll type $ git fetch, and I'll get the fatal error: Could not read from remote repository.
Afterwards I'll type git init and it will reinitialize existing git repository in /home/ccuser/workspace/curriculum-a/my-quizzes/.git/. press enter. Then I'm uncertain if I should I try the fetch again or if I should try something else.

What do I fetch to also?


fetch the origin then fetch origin/master
It works now.
thanks ionatan


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