5.git add


I am stuck . help


sounds like you are in the wrong working directory, run the following command to see the files in the current directory:


to see which directory you are currently in run:


use the following command to navigate to a folder:

cd foldername

where foldername is the name of the folder


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I have done it .. you just have to write : $ git add score-1.txt


you have to type git add scene-1.txt


i did that and it didn't work for me.


First initialize your git repository by typing

git init

Then do

git add scene-1.txt


You can try typing, “git add scene-1.txt” (enter) and “git status” (enter)

How I know…

For number 1. They asked to “Add scene-1.txt to the staging area in Git”, therefore “git add scene-1.txt”

For number 2. They told us to “Check the status of the project in Git”, therefore “git status”

This work perfectly fine for me.


Good answer, thank you.


this is how it should be written down
git add scene-1.txt


Thank you so much for your helping! it works!


i was stuck same place, thank you for your help


What foldername I should write? cd foldername
it showed me that I’m in /home/ccuser/workspace/sorcerers-code

but when I write:
$ git add score-1.txt

it is not work. There is a massege:
fatal: not a git repository


oh, it is started work when I pressed: get help - I want to restart this exirse
than I pressed F5


That is weird, there should be a git repository. Either way, i then suggest you then create one:

git init


Thanks mate that worked