5.Finding that Special Someone


Can anybody find out where i am doing it wrong??

This is my code:
var bob = {
firstName: "Bob",
lastName: "Jones",
phoneNumber: "(650) 777-7777",
email: "bob.jones@example.com"

var mary = {
firstName: "Mary",
lastName: "Johnson",
phoneNumber: "(650) 888-8888",
email: "mary.johnson@example.com"

var contacts = [bob, mary];

function printPerson(person) {
console.log(person.firstName + " " + person.lastName);

function list() {
var contactsLength = contacts.length;
for (var i = 0; i < contactsLength; i++) {

/*Create a search function
then call it passing "Jones"*/
var search = function(lastName){
var contactsLength = contacts.length;
if(contacts[i].lastName === lastName){


and as error message i get:

Oops, try again. It looks like your search function didn't log "Bob Jones" to the console. Did you remember to call search after you defined it?

thank you in advance!


A minor error in this line, do you see it now?


you mean i had to type printPerson(contacts[i].lastName); ?


There's one way to find out :wink:

I only meant the spelling error. Submit it and see :slight_smile:


hahahahaha wtf!!!!!! are you kidding me. thanks a lot


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