5. cp1

So I have been working through the assignment and all of a sudden it refuses to allow me to progress. Even though I am 100% certain that I have done the right steps… any ideas?

Picture added to show that the files have actually copied across.

Cheers for the help!

Have you tried hitting enter after writing cp biopic/ray.txt and then on the next line writing biopic/notorious.txt historical?

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I just managed to get it to work by resetting and following the exact same instructions and methods as I have been… but this wasn’t the first time I reset either. By that I mean it took several attempts to work. I am confused as to whether this was just an issue in the lesson or I did something terrible :disappointed_relieved:

Image here for evidence.

It was probably a bug in the lesson, you should report it. Also, I was taking a guess at why it wasn’t working when I gave you my answer :slight_smile: I hoped that it would work, but your way works just as well. Good luck in future lessons.

Cheers for the help man! I will file a bug report on it.

Probably the extra spaces. There are usually many ways to do a task and a lot of codecademy exercises don’t check if the task was done but instead just look for some specific piece of text. That leads to passing stuff that was used in the wrong context and not passing things that are equivalent.
Unlikely to change any time soon :confused:

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