5.cp l step 3


hi everyone,
can anyone help me figure out what's wrong?
thank for reading @@


At first glance, it doesn't appear that you didn't use "cp biopic/cleopatra.txt historical/". If that's the case, then running that command then navigating to the historical directory should work. If it does not, then reset that exercise and run through it again. Hope I helped :slight_smile:


tk you, i've passed that exercise


I am blocked in 5 cp I step 3
I don't understand where I made a mistake...

Can anyone help me ?

Thanks for helping :slight_smile:


It's probably because you used cd ./historical and ls -l which while correct, are a little long-winded and not exactly what the instructions are asking for. Try using the simpler cd historical and ls commands instead.


it's working
thanks :slight_smile:


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