5.Can't get to the page. Please help


I've spent my last hour trying to figure out where the person in the tutorial is located at in GitHub. So I came to the forums to see if I got a response about this topic. I've seen a couple subjects about the same step number 5, but they didn't help cause nobody responded. Please if you know how to get there please respond it would be greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:


Hey so watching the video in step 5 the person has gone into their project repo and clicked New File to which they've called it CNAME and typed in their custom domain and committing :slight_smile:

Then they've gone into Settings to check it's linked..

If you need any more help Treehouse have created a great one-pager that outlines how to set up a website using gh.pages


Thank you for your help, but their is no button that says new file in my repository.


There deff is..

If for whatever reason you're unable to add the file using github and you're confident or can use git then you could always create a new file -> add the domain -> save it as CNAME and then git add .-> git commit -m "domain name" -> git push origin BRANCHNAME ->

Hope that helps :smiley:


Is that the repo when you open it(the screenshot)?

If so then that does not appear in my repo.



This screenshot helps alot bro

Do you know how to use .git?
If not then I'd fully recommend doing codecademy's course on it :fax:

It's a version control system that allows you to upload your repo to github :slight_smile: (amongst other things :wink: )

Otherwise if you want to progress with this challenge without completing their course I'd recommend you very carefully follow their instructions post installing git onto your computer :smiley:


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