#5 Can't find the problem with my code



Unexpected token {

var user = prompt("Where do you want to travel?");

switch(user) {
    case "Italy":
        console.log("I love Italy!");
        var italianCity = prompt("Would you like to see Florence?");
        var italianCityTwo = prompt("How about Rome?");
        if(italianCity == "yes" && italianCityTwo == "yes") {
            console.log("Wow! You're adventurous. Let's go!");
        else(italianCity =="no" || italianCityTwo == "no") {
            console.log("I'm suprised you don't want to see both!");
    case "France":
        console.log("Ooh la la!");
        var crepes = prompt("Do you like crepes?");
        if(crepes == "yes") {
            var baguettes = prompt("Alright, nice! Do you like baguettes too?");
                if(baguettes == "yes") {
                    console.log("Tres Bien! You must be French!");
                else {
                    console.log("What?? But they're delicious!");
        else {
            console.log("Maybe you'll change your mind when you go to France.");
    case "Spain":
        console.log("Spain is a cool place!");


Please read the FAQ first (2nd problem):

I have seen and would tell you your problem, but by self-investigation, you will be more aware about it the next time.


I got it! Thank you.


Neither do I...

// On line 2, declare a variable myName and give it your name.
console.log(myName); var myName = "Jelena";
// On line 4, use console.log to print out the myName variable.
// On line 7, change the value of myName to be just the first 2
// letters of your name.
var myName = "Jelena"; myName = "Je";
// On line 9, use console.log to print out the myName variable.

I've tried a million options and non of them work...
Oops, try again. It looks like you didn't log the first 2 letters of your name to the console- keep getting this answer. Pls help...


if (48*2 > 45) {
console.log("I finished my first course!");
}// Not sure where to begin? Check the Hint!
else {
console.log("Otherwise I fail in this lesson!");
what is the problem with my code.
really not getting it!!!
please help as soon as possible.