5, Border width part III

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Hi, I’ve tried setting border-top-width to 5px, but I keep getting the error message:

Did you set the width of the top border to 5 pixels?

here’s the code I’ve tried

.hotel {
margin: 60px auto;
padding: 10px 0px 0px 0px;
width: 90%;
border-style: solid;
border-top-width: 5px;

can anybody help?
Thanks in advance

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Chances are this is still an interface issue where the lesson code is not updated before it is checked. The code is present, though, so after you click Run, refresh the page and click Run again.

Hi mtf.

thanks for the reply.

I’ve tried running the code, refreshing and running again, but still no luck.

Is the any way I can get past this, so I can continue with the course?


I’ve sorted it. I changed .hotel to .hotelx in style.css and changed all the

to < div class=“hotelx”> in index.html. Theres 5 of them in total.

I dont’ know what to suggest. While the upgrades are in progress some disruption is to be expected. Hopefully things will be ironed out shortly.

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