5 Bleep bleep


With code and without CA shows "Oops, try again. false" (yes, with "false" in the end).

Console shows that https://www.codecademy.com/assets/ace/worker-javascript.js can't be loaded. Is this a system bug?


I'm having a similar issue. My code seems to be working fine but I get the same error message as you.


Experiencing the same issue here.

Edit: solved. In my case I had named the function voidLastTransactionAmount, not voidLastTransaction as requested. After fixing that, it worked!


this works for me .. see my code below..

var cashRegister = {
//Dont forget to add your property
add: function(itemCost) {
this.total += itemCost;
this.lastTransactionAmount = itemCost;
scan: function(item,quantity) {
switch (item) {
case "eggs": this.add(0.98 * quantity); break;
case "milk": this.add(1.23 * quantity); break;
case "magazine": this.add(4.99 * quantity); break;
case "chocolate": this.add(0.45 * quantity); break;
return true;
//Add the voidLastTransaction Method here
voidLastTransaction: function() {
this.total -= this.lastTransactionAmount;


//Void the last transaction and then add 3 instead

//Show the total bill
console.log('Your bill is '+cashRegister.total);


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