5. Alias II, 84% stuck on step 3: source

I’m on Windows 7 Pro 32 bit, Using Firefox.

Unable to run the source portion after saving the export User file and clearing the bash terminal.

I tried this:

source `/.bash_profile

But doesn’t seem to be working:

if the file is in the same directory, you can do: source .bash_profile

if you want to start with the home directory (which seems like you are trying to do ), it should be ~/, not '/

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So for some reason, before clearing the directory I get this:

bash: /home/ccuser/.bash_profile: Permission denied

And if I try it after clearing, I get this, same thing:

bash: /home/ccuser/.bash_profile: Permission denied

So I’m probably just not typing something right or not exiting correctly…?

Well, hold on. I just redid the whole thing and after clearing typed this:

source ~/.bash_profile

And it seemed to take and I completed number 5. Might have been just me typing something in wrong.

Thanks for the help.

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