5/9 Error: "Missing template tags/show" from Rails: Associations I


I am stuck on step 2 of 5/9 from Associations 1. I had no problems until adding the show action to the tags controller. Now i’m getting a very long error message that I have never seen before. The full error code is:
“Missing template tags/show, application/show with {:locale=>[:en], :formats=>[:html], :variants=>[], :handlers=>[:erb, :builder, :raw, :ruby, :jbuilder, :coffee]}. Searched in:*”#< RSpec::Rails::ViewRendering::EmptyTemplatePathSetDecorator:0x00000001d0c1d0>"

I couldn’t figure out what was wrong after numerous attempts, so I used to get code option … and the answer was EXACTLY what I had written. Even now, after updating to the CodeCademy answer, I’m still getting the error message. What’s wrong? I’d like to understand what’s going on here.

This is all from exercise 5/9, step 2 from Associations 1 for Ruby on Rails


Hi @dhalv001,

Another nice question :slight_smile:

From the error, it looks like the file app/views/tags/show.html.erb was missing, not that anything was wrong with the code you wrote.


I am also having this issue. The template is there, in the same folder as the index template (/app/views/tags/)


Ended up clicking “Get Code” when the Keep Trying/Get Code Modal popped up. I can’t see a difference in the routes, tag_controller the show.html.erb file… but it’s working now.


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