5/7 Step 2 error

I’ve refreshed the screen and for the life of me can’t see a syntax error. Help.

Hi @javaninja13161,

It looks to me like you need to add a file called new.html.erb in app/views/messages/. Could you please post a link to the exercise if that doesn’t work?


Hi, I got this problem too. Here is the link: https://www.codecademy.com/courses/learn-rails/lessons/one-model/exercises/one-model-create-messages-i?action=lesson_resume

Thanks @netslayer61151, so adding that view file didn’t make the error message go away?

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I ended up just getting the code so that I could keep moving but I’m just glad its not something I’m doing wrong because I think it was the only one I felt so confident I did on my own :joy:

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