5/7 Iterator documentation


Guys, help!!!


The last line should just log the entire list of interestingWords.



you are using a Arrow Function at the last line , remove the return statement so your code look like this :

console.log(interestingWords.every(word => word.length > 5

Good luck


the same(

Anyway, thanks for help.


Still haven’t changed the last line. Can we have a link to this exercise, please?




Belay that comment about the last line. Once we see the actual lesson it makes more sense.

console.log(interestingWords.every(word => word.length > 5));

Notice your line has unneeded braces?

When braces are used, the return keyword must be present.


thanks for help. nothing helps, but i moved on) (i don’t know english well, so if i did mistakes - forgive me :slight_smile: )