5/7 Develop A Website Git Commit Problem


Link to Problem: https://www.codecademy.com/en/courses/deploy-a-website/lessons/github-pages/exercises/git-commit?action=resume

When I type in "git commit -m "Save my work"" it won't let me pass by it


You will notice that even though it gave you the green, your command for checkpoint 1 returned an error message.

You are not in a working directory that is a git repository.

Do you remember how to check for the name of your working directory and look at the files and sub directories it contains?


I am sorry I can not help you cause I am not at that lesson.But can you please help me with lesson 3: Initializing your repo?:disappointed_relieved:


whats up what all these questions? is there step-by-step processes to getting to the next section?


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