5/6 app/views/pages directory empty

I have been doing every step of this tutorial in my text editor and with sublime on the side, just to make sure I can do these things ‘in real life’ and not just in the very supported/totally-hardcoded codecademy universe. I was able to follow every step until lesson 5. The tutorial tells me to edit a file: app/views/pages/home.html.erb the problem is that I never created such a file. Within the tutorial this is no problem -it magically appeared! But in my local repo, of course its missing. Did you perhaps forget a step that tells me how to make rails build the pages setup??? I’d be so grateful if you could answer this question.



I think this is because the tutorial didn’t show how to do it. In this case you must do it by yourself. In your terminal, run

rails g controller pages home
  • rails g controller is a command that generates a new controller.
  • pages home tells ruby on rails to create home.html.erb inside of the page folder.

But I think Codecademy’s instruction aren’t clear enough and sometimes I can’t find myself. I think it’s mostly for reviewing previous knowledges but for beginners, I’d suggest something else like Micheal Hartl’s Ruby on Rails Tutorials

Thanks for the reply, I appreciate it. Yeah I kinda just built the home controller page manually. I think its a good point that I should continue with Hartl, I have been doing that. Thanks for being open about that! I still think you are providing an awesome service that is great in combination with other stuff out there. And I’m so thankful its free :slight_smile: Hope you have a great day.