5/21 - Firefox gives Oops! try again with no other details


I don't know what i am doing wrong in this phase, i have just started and stuck.Any ideas? here is the script :

1 {color:blue}
h2 {color:purple}
p {color:red}
<p>Hi! I am learning how to make my very own web page!</p>
<h2>Hello please give us your email</h2>
<input type="email" placeholder="Your Email">
<input type="submit">


Hi kitsoz,

What is the error message that you are seeing?
What web browser are you using?


Hi albionsrefuge,

The error message is "Oops, try again"

And i use mozilla


There is a known bug with that exercise and Firefox. I haven't had a chance to move that information over here to the new forums but you can read about it here:


There are a couple of workarounds there for you.